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MLTSS Assn Endorses Bills to Advance Integrated Care Introduced by Senate Special Committee on Aging

On May 19, the Senate Special Committee on Aging held a hearing focused on senior mental health and integrated care. During the hearing, Senator Casey and Senator Scott introduced the Advancing Integration in Medicare and Medicaid Act (AIM Act), which is a bipartisan bill to require states to develop a strategy for integrating and coordinating health benefits for full-benefit dually eligible beneficiaries. Senator Casey also introduced the Supporting States in Integrating Medicare and Medicaid Act, which is similar in scope to the bipartisan bill, but also additionally provides funding support for states. The MLTSS Association endorsed both bills, which align with our long-standing priority to advance integrated care for dually eligible beneficiaries. See our statement for the record that we submitted to the Committee here. The MLTSS Association has also developed a summary of the hearing, which can be accessed by members here.


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